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We want to help you solve your fireplace or wood stove downdraft problem.  Your source for downdraft solutions.

Chimney Caps - Covers & Downdraft Solutions
So your house won't smell like smoke!

A guy selling bricks will tell you to extend the chimney. A guy selling chimney caps will tell you to buy a cap. 
There are countless reasons for chimney problems, and a guy who knows how a chimney works will help you understand what you need and choose the correct product.

Eliminate Puff -backs

Volko Supply's Chimney cap selection of stainless steel chimney caps, covers, custom and copper chimney caps, spark arrestor chimney caps, Enervex (formerly Exhausto) chimney fans and many other specialty draft and ventilation solutions for your fireplace or wood stove.
Call us, we will be happy to help you determine the best solution for your chimney or draft issue along with measuring help, function and installation techniques of your new chimney cap.

Chimney Caps & Covers Volko Chimney Caps & Covers selection. 
Click on a picture or link to further your search.
single flue chimney cap double flue chimney cap round chimney cap weather Shield caps
Single Chimney Caps
Easy bolt-on Chimney Cap
for a single clay liner
Double Chimney Caps
Easy bolt-on Chimney Cap
to cover 2 clay liners
Round Chimney Caps
Easy bolt-on Chimney Cap
for round clay liners
Weather Shield Caps
Round replacement chimney caps
for single & double wall chimney pipe

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multi flue chimney cap pre fab chimney cap for fake chimney spark arrestor chimney cap california cap hip style copper chimney cap
Multiple Flue Chimney Caps
Covers any amount of flues or openings
Stock & custom sizes and mesh heights
Prefab Chimney Chase Caps
Replacement chimney cap for
chase surrounds & metal chimney housings
Spark Arrestor Chimney Caps
5/8" and 9/16" mesh options
 for just about any chimney cap
Copper Chimney Caps
Visit Copperchimneycaps.com for
many copper chimney cap options

Covering your flue properly is quite important and choosing the correct cap is even more important, unless you like trial and error.  What we offer is a high quality sampling of flue covers, chimney caps and downdraft products that work.  Give us a call, we will always offer our personal service and our knowledge of each caps function and performance.

Anti - Downdraft Chimney Solutions Draft solutions for wind related draft issues
and providing additional rain/weather deflection.
vacu stacks weathershiield chimney cap for metal chimney pipe turbines
Vacu Stacks
Stops wind related downdraft issues
Storm Shield
Stops wind & wind driven rain
All metal construction

Anti-Downdraft chimney caps vary from mechanically spinning devices, like the turbine, to stationary designs that incorporate physics to provide the result.  Regardless, any type of non-motorized draft cap will only provide draft assistance for a wind related issue.  If there are other factors that are affecting the draft ( negative pressure from fans or other appliances, atmospheric conditions like a cold flue syndrome or faulty and improper flue sizing ) a motorized chimney fan may be a consideration.

Chimney Dampers and Damper Caps Top sealing dampers for metal pipe, clay or ceramic liners and even unlined brick or block chimneys

Lyemance Dampers

lock top chimney damper

chimney damper for round flue spider damper

Chimalator Damper & Chimney Cap Combination

Lyemance Chimney Damper
Damper & damper cap combinations
Lock Top Chimney Damper
"Pop up" Damper & damper cap combinations
Round Stainless Steel Damper
for metal & clay chimney liners
Chim-a-lator Damper Cap
All stainless steel damper cap combination

  Call 800 685 8263 or conveniently buy dampers online at www.volkosupply.com

Chimney Fans and Draft Inducers ...for your wood or gas fireplace, wood stove or almost any other heating appliance.

AD-1 Draft Inducer
for wood, coal or corn stoves & furnaces

A perfect economical draft fan for most solid fuel applications.

Fits 5"- 8" single wall metal flue pipe


Eliminate puff backs and
smoky start ups

Enervex RS Chimney Fans
Enervex RS Chimney Fan
to work!!

Click fan for
more info

Adjust the speed for the perfect draft!

Volko Supply is also proud to be a distributor for Tjernlund Products.  Manufacturer of the Auto-Draft draft inducer and other quality engineered and manufactured products that solve exhaust, ventilation and heating/cooling problems.

Draft Inducers for oil or gas furnaces and water heaters. Click a link to visit draftinducers.com for..... Safely side vent oil or gas appliances
Fresh Air
Air Intake
Side wall venting
for gas or oil
Air Intake
Tjernlund D3 draft inducer tjernlund duct booster tjernlund fresh air intake Tjernlund Side Shot side venting for heater commercial make up air intake

Chimney Surrounds
Real brick look chimney
Replace or enclose existing....
Chimney chase surrounds and enclosures... replace or cover existing surrounds, chimneys or flue pipe systems
3' Flue Wrap
Chimney Chase Surround
FlexiBrick Stock & Custom
Chimney Enclosures

Copper Chimney Pots & Shrouds Completely soldered units
Available for Wood burning and high heat applications
Available for most Gas venting pipe specifications
Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot Custom Copper Chimney Pot
Custom Copper Chimney Shroud Custom Copper Chimney Shroud Custom Copper Chimney Shroud Custom Copper Chimney Shroud Custom Copper Chimney Shroud Custom Copper Chimney Shroud Custom Copper Chimney Shroud Custom Copper Chimney Shroud

We do not need to have a "sale" to give you the best price.
We ask that you call or e-mail us for prices.  Compare our stainless steel and copper chimney caps to those thin gauge diamond mesh black caps which may be nothing but painted steel and will eventually rust.
Shipping is from our location or direct from the manufacturer, whichever location is most economical.
You get your cap quickly and easily, usually within a few days.  Even customs!
Got a list?  E-mail or fax it for a quote.

Call 1-800-685-8263 or e-mail us at volkosupply@yahoo.com

LOST... Black rusty chimney top. Last seen before wind storm. Please call 1 800 685 8263 with any info
Buy Copper or Stainless Steel



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